Land Of A Candy by Bjarni Cool (walktrought)


Take with a go-kart and give it to sword grunt. Cross bridge and broke one brick. Now kill one and one spy gear grunt. Use Zap Colaz to help you. Now enter bridgez. Now take with white scroll. After that go 4 tilez out of sword gruntz. Now enter maze to pool. Next step on red trigger. (It is on another waterside) But not battle with toob gruntz. Only go to red teleporter to next sky.


Next pick up gauntless and invurebility powerup and broke all black brickz. Donīt worry it named invurebility powerup. Enter arrow maze take with a armor and kill both sword gruntz. Next cross bridge and kill club grunt. Next take with megaphone. Shovel is for Secret Teleporter Trigger. Next go to teleorter and give jack-in-the-box to bear hand grunt and beach ball to sraw grunt. Enter Secret ? switch and after that give warpstone yet to king.



To Snower, Mikker, Gamer and more authorz:

Create a walkrtoughtz of your levelz. That is better. Ok? Create it!

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