Happy birthday by Bjarni Cool (walktrought)


You start at two gruntz in different place. We use go-kart grunt to go to secret switch. Give sword defender go-kart and walk to pyramitan. Take with strawz and go to pyramitan. Gauntless grunt go on megaphone. No battle. No take with timebombz. Broke brick. Here is a welder kitz. Kill thief unless walk. Go to welder checkpoint. Now take with a timebombz. Go to pyramitan. (Donīt worry grunt canīt walk unless take with strawz.) Kill wandz grunt. Straw goo from wand grunt. Straw orange goo with spikez too. Kill toyer. Go way unless he go to orange goo and unless airoplain toss a pack. Select creater grunt on point. Here is a hold switchez. Start at first switch. Make old go-kart grunt go to purple switch. Hold 2nd green switch. Go to creat point if airoplain coming. Old gauntless grunt go to purple switch. Purple pyramitan open. Go to black swicth. Make both goober gruntz intro free. Hold 1st yellow switch. And 1st grunt walk on arrowz. If airoplain comes you go to black swicth. If youīre done take with gauntless. Hold 2nd swicth. 2nd grunt go to arrowz too. 2nd grunt take with shovelz. Gauntless grunt take with zap cola. If Thief have already steal gauntless shovelz grunt help him. If your gruntz have kill him they take with zap cola if they like. If health is full of both gruntz one take with megaphone and run. (Or die with areoplain and you canīt finnish level.) Grunt was you create in level take with wingz and go to blue warp. Shovel and gauntless gruntz hold purple switchez. Wing grunt take with megaphone. And warpstone in megaphone too. In spikez is a secret teleporter trigger. Go to fort and this level is finnish.



To Snower, Mikker, Gamer and more authorz:

Create a walkrtoughtz of your levelz. That is better. Ok? Create it!

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