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3d Lava II by Bjarni Cool (walktrought)


You´re sword grunt kill gauntless grunt. If you have kill him take with zap cola and kill another gauntless grunt and take with zap cola, now kill last one and take with zap cola. Take with a armor and kill both sword gruntz. Now kill gruntz under rocks , to hurry it up kill bombz grunt first. Now kill both welder gruntz. Now take with a wings and only walk so enemy wing gruntz can broke them wings. Now step on secret ? switch. Kill 3 gun hatz gruntz. Next step on black one switch and go to blue teleporter. Well done, now step on arrow and go to red teleporter and give warpstone to a king.




To Snower, Mikker, Gamer and more authorz:

Create a walkrtoughtz of your levelz. That is better. Ok? Create it!

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